Candid Orange began in early 2020 as a project between friends wanting to create a platform on which they could write about the topics they wanted to cover. Journalism, media and the arts is too often based on who you know rather than what you know. So, in creating our own magazine, we want to showcase anyone and everyone’s work, regardless of your network.

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Editorial team

Amy Cartledge Candid Orange Avatar

Amy Cartledge

Editor in Chief + current affairs editor

Amy, a Modern Foreign Languages student at the University of Bristol, is currently working at a lifestyle magazine based on the French Rivera. Having specialised in gender studies, as well as French and Hispanic cultural production, Amy is excited to combine these two disciplines into her work at Candid Orange.

Interested in politics and world news, she hopes to engage everyone in events occurring around the world, not only in the UK. She is very excited to embark on this project with some of her best friends.

Twitter @A_Cartledge

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Maisie Law Candid Orange Avatar

Maisie Law

Opinion editor + admin coordinator

Our Opinions editor, Maisie, wants to hear all of your candid opinions. With her background studying Law and English Literature, she is best when debating her opinion. Enjoying the artistic as well as the legal and political, Maisie is keen to combine these disciplines with her love of writing.

Before she goes on to attain her PGDL at BPP, Maisie is looking forward to sharing the greatest creative and analytical works of 20 something year-olds on Candid Orange. With a history in legal and sustainability focussed publications, Maisie is excited to be sharing this new venture with some of her closest friends.

Twitter @MaisieLaw3

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Izzie Armitage Candid Orange Avatar

Isabel Armitage

Literature & arts editor + graphics coordinator

Izzie is a third year English Literature student at the University of Manchester. Currently heading into her third year of study, Izzie enjoys poetry and performance, both in and outside of her degree. She is engaged in the artistic world of Manchester and beyond, and she particular enjoys creating abstract pieces.

Ever passionate about taking part and creating new projects, Izzie is looking forward to discover the contributions that you want to see showcased on our platform.

Instagram @izziekate

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Sophia Metcalfe Candid Orange Avatar

Sophia Metcalfe

Music, Film & TV editor

Our Music, Film and TV editor, Sophia, is about to embark on her Masters in Music Production, Technology and Innovation at Berklee College of Music. From her studies, she has gained a great respect for the the creative industries and is looking forward to reading all your thoughts on how music, film and TV have shaped our lives.

In her university setting, Sophia has specialised in gender relations and female sexuality and is looking forward to applying this is all aspects of her work. Sophia is usually found in a dark studio room or the sky.

Instagram @fia_metcalfe

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Izzie Castle Final Candid Orange

Izzie Castle

Segments Editor

A recent graduate, Izzie studied Philosophy & Theology at the University of Bristol. She has always had a passion for championing open conversations about sexual health and healthy relationships, participating in related campaigns within her Student’s Union, and volunteering with sexual health charities at home. Izzie hopes that the Segments section will be able to facilitate more open discussion on these topics.

In her spare time, Izzie wastes countless hours hunting for bugs on Animal Crossing and waiting for lockdown to end.

Instagram @castl.e

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Sub editors

Alice O’Connell

Opinion sub editor

Alice is entering her second year of studying English Language at The University of Manchester, her interests lying in the cognitive side of linguistics and the relationship between language and psychology. She hopes to use this platform to write and publish pieces concerning drug policy reform as this is where I want to pursue a career after my degree.

Alice looks forward to hearing new perspectives from the articles she edits and is excited to open her mind to a diverse range of opinions and ideas from contributors.

Twitter @aiice_473

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Caitlin Thomson

Opinion sub editor

A recent graduate, Caitlin studied English Literature at the University of Bristol. She specialised in gender and race criticism, analysing creative works through a historical and sociological lens. In her free time she blogs, reads and does pole fitness. Caitlin is thrilled to join the team and hopes to edit some fascinating, unflinching opinion pieces.

Twitter @halfaxaaf

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chloe francis candid orange

Chloe Francis

Literature & Arts sub editor

Chloe is a recent English graduate embarking on a Master’s in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes. She enjoys reading and writing a variety of poetry and prose, and looks forward to reading your creative pieces and articles, as well as discovering new writers’ and artists’ work.

Instagram @chloe.francis.writes

Ffion Hâf

Segments sub editor

Ffion is a second year English student at the University of Birmingham. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Ffion is at her element when reading a good book or writing about something that she is passionate about.

As a Segments sub editor, Ffion looks forward to highlighting key topics, such as sexual health and embracing one’s identity.

Twitter @_ffionhaf_

Lauren Greenan

Current Affairs sub editor

Lauren is a recent graduate of the University of Bristol with a degree in mathematics. She is keen to take her combined love of writing and numbers past algebra, into the world of data journalism and beyond. In her spare time she can be found listening to the new Glass Animals album on repeat.

Twitter @GreenanLauren

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Mischa Alexander

Music, Film & TV sub editor

Fresh from a degree in Theatre & Performance Studies at Warwick University, Mischa has a fascination with creative ideas, artistic expression, and how they intersect with politics and culture.

Exploring contentious contemporary issues, whilst watching some really interesting stuff, Mischa looks to use art to inspire interest in the outside world.

Twitter @alex_mischa42

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sheryl lau candid orange

Sheryl Lau

Literature & Arts sub editor

After recently graduating from the University of Bristol, studying Film and English, Sheryl is soon be starting a Masters in Digital Marketing at Kings College London. With a keen interest in all things art and a sharp focus on sustainability and fashion, she hopes to show her passion for these topics keep like-minded individuals informed.

valentina ferraro candid orange

Valentina Ferraro

Current Affairs sub editor

Valentina is a Political Science student at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a keen interest in politics, international relations and environmental sustainability. With her work for Candid Orange, Valentina seeks to bring light to events from all around the world, particularly those not featured on mainstream media.

Twitter @valenferraro6

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Regular contributors

aimee dyson candid orange

Aimee Dyson

Aimee has recently graduated with a degree in Creative and Professional Writing from Canterbury Christ Church University. Her writing interests include writing opinion pieces about feminism and wider social issues, alongside poetry focused on love and loss.

Aside from writing, Aimee spends her time playing netball and badminton, reading and endlessly scrolling through Twitter. 

Twitter @aimeedyson_

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Alice Eaves

Alice is a Drama and English Literature graduate from the University of Manchester. She will be spending this year at Blackpool School of Art before embarking on master’s study in Creative Writing. She is really looking forward to being part of the Candid Orange team and sharing her outlook on the world with you all!

anna hardy candid orange

Anna Hardy

Anna is a first year Fashion Art Direction student at the Manchester School of Art and an aspiring fashion journalist. After studying English Literature at GCSE and A-level, she realised her love for writing, and is hoping to continue this passion throughout her career. Alongside her university studies, she enjoys doing digital art and oil paintings.

Twitter @anna030401

danny hilton candid orange

Danny Hilton

Danny is a final year History & Politics student at the University of Sheffield. Ditching his historical academic focuses, Danny likes to escapes down the rabbit-hole of music, film and TV. During his year abroad in Berlin, he spent a lot time, (and a lot of his Erasmus grant) at gigs and watching films at the local Kino.

Now back in Sheffield, he is excited to join the team and offer his insights as a regular contributor at Candid Orange.

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dara coker candid orange

Dara Coker

Dara Coker is a recent graduate of Sociology from the University of Manchester. She largely (but non-exhaustively) writes cultural commentary, focusing on how film, music and TV translate in our digital space. She also maintains a blog named A Space to Exhale.

Twitter @dara_coker

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ellie redpath candid orange

Ellie Redpath

Ellie (she/her) is a third year Classics student at Oxford University. She is passionate about mental health and disability activism, having worked in student welfare circles in Oxford for over a year and served on the Oxford SU Disabilities Campaign Committee, and she also loves to write about feminism and LGBTQ+ issues. She can usually be found in a charity shop, on a country walk, or writing 1000 things at once to procrastinate actually doing her degree.

Twitter @ellieredpath

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Emma Miller

Emma has recently graduated from the University of Dundee with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is a keen feminist and sexual health advocate — having focused her second year studies around sexual health inequalities for women in healthcare. Emma hopes to highlight issues surrounding sexual health & relationships in a fun but informative way.

When outside of the hospital setting, Emma enjoys writing poetry, hiking and exploring places she’ll most definitely get lost in. She is looking forward to working with the CO team and readers to create helpful & insightful content.

Instagram @wordsby_ems

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Faye Saulsbury

Faye is a freelance writer and undergraduate student at Durham University. She has been published in Huffington Post UKCulture Whisper and From the Lighthouse. She is also the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Palatinate UK, Durham’s student newspaper. 

As a Candid Orange contributor, Faye hopes to normalise open conversation around ‘difficult’ topics such as sexual health, ethnicity and nationality, and elitism in higher education. When she is not pitching features to unresponsive editors, she can be found running marathons for charity or shopping at Lululemon.

Twitter @FayeSaulsbury

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georgia more candid orange

Georgia More

Georgia is an English and Creative Writing student about to enter her third year at the University of Lincoln. She enjoys writing articles, opinion pieces and short films, mainly focused around social and political topics that she is passionate about.

Georgia can most often be found with coffee in hand, re-watching classic tv shows and films.

Twitter @georgialily26

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Hannah Steiner

Hannah is in her final year as a French, Spanish, and Italian student at the University of Bristol. As a big foodie, she loves experimenting in the kitchen with Asian-inspired vegan recipes and hunting down the best nosh joints.

She is also passionate about moving towards a greener lifestyle. She is excited to explore food-related sustainability (on a student budget!) through Candid Orange.  

Instagram @hannah.eats.things

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Lily Chappell

Mummy Lentil loves spending time cooking for her family and friends and creating recipes that take inspiration from cuisine from all over the world. She wants to provide a series of tasty and flexible vegan recipes, suggesting ways in which readers could mix and match ingredients and meals, to help them feel more confident cooking delicious vegan food at home.

Instagram @mummylentil

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Lindsay Wong

Hailing from New York, Tokyo and Singapore (it’s complicated), Lindsay (@flimsyylindsayy) is a history and Asian studies double major who has a passion for words and elevating marginalised voices. Coming from an international background, she believes that educating people on issues from around the world will help to bridge the gap between cultures.

Her favourite topics to write about fall under entertainment, social issues and current affairs. In her free time, she enjoys fangirling about K-pop, watching anime, and drinking bubble tea.

Instagram @flimsyylindsayy

Maya George

Maya is an apprentice journalist at The Bournemouth Daily Echo. She has always had a passion for telling stories, whether that be ones from her own imagination or stories she feels should be heard. After living on a tiny island in the Channel Islands for over 14 years, Maya is keen to explore her writing further and listen to and tell stories from across the UK and even the world.

Maya enjoys reading and writing poetry, prose and opinion pieces. In her spare time, Maya enjoys rewatching the Harry Potter movies and reading 4 books at once.

Twitter @_mayadais

Nina Partridge

Nina is a third year English Literature student at the University of Manchester, primarily focussed on contributing Opinion pieces to Candid Orange. She has experience editing and critiquing written works, in and out of her degree and loves picking apart literary, musical and political pieces (especially controversial ones).

Wherever there is a bit of social commentary to be had, Nina will be there, ready with her laptop, to give the right opinion.

Twitter @ninaa_partridge

Ruth Stewart

Ruth is an illustrator, maker & creator living in Bristol. She spends most of her time making art but started pursuing writing during lockdown. Ruth firmly believes in honest, candid communication — as far as she is concerned, no topic should be off-limits.

When she’s not drawing or writing, Ruth loves dancing, reading graphic novels and voraciously consuming movies so she’s excited to share her thoughts on all things creative!

Instagram @ruthdrawsthings

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sima aykin

Sima Aykin

Sima is a second year Sociology student at the University of Manchester. She is mainly interested in sustainability, social media, self-development and data analysis. She hopes to create awareness on living more sustainably.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time at coffee shops and read books. As a blogger, she is passionate about writing and creating content on social media.

Twitter @sima_aykin

Weng U Pun

Weng U is a blonde Chinese gal from Macau going into her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Manchester. She is intrigued by how feminism and the patriarchy co-exist in the same space (they can’t) or rather the illusion of feminism that the patriarchy promotes.

Weng U loves anything creative and is interested in the relationship between culture and identity. Really, she is just trying to find her own voice. She also wants to get good at the electric guitar so she can live out her fantasy of being a punk rock princess.

Instagram @wentzzzzz

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Business team

Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith

Marketing consultant

Amelia is a final year marketing student at Manchester Metropolitan University. Fresh from her study abroad in Barcelona, Amelia now has a new found passion for travel and exploring new cultures. As the marketing consult, Amelia is excited to bring all her insights from the business and marketing world to support the candid orange team.

Read Amelia’s article here.

Find Amelia on LinkedIn here.

megan johnson candid orange

Megan Johnson

Social media manager

Megan, a Journalism student at the University of Leeds, is currently writing music journalism articles for a range of magazines (shout out to BabyStep, VOCAL GIRLS and FUZZY!). Having built an academic knowledge of the theoretical aspects of journalism, Megan can’t wait to portray this to the Candid Orange community.

As a fellow social media addict, Megan is as passionate about socials as the next millennial. However, in her spare time, she binge-watches any good (and also any bad) series on Netflix and buys lots of very cute, but largely unnecessary, clothes from Depop.

Twitter @meganj_journo

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