Katherine Marriott Conspirasea Ruby Edgeley Candid Orange

By Ruby Edgeley

Mankind has been caught.
Swarming inside the net cast around the world and over our eyes,
As the underwater war concedes.
Blinded and baited by the image of a little red boat chugging along,
Manned by a sparkly eyed captain humming sailors song.
Whilst the depths below glitter with more micro plastics than there are stars in the galaxy.Catfished by a counterfeit seal of approval stamped by bribery and blood,
As 85% of our oxygen bleeds out on the beach.
Where we rip through the skin to find plastic in place of bone,
Surfacing selfishness,
That despite being but a moment,
Sits and scars the sea floor,
Turning life to landfill,
Stealing the heartbeat of the sea,
Silencing the eco drum,
Filling the lungs with discard and decay,
Coagulation in a plastic wrapped display.
Next to the ‘Great’ Pacific Garbage Patch,
Where the dead-zone spills into veins of reef,
Looking for relief.
They speak of sustainability,
Yet the only thing sustainable is suffering.When there are no more lives to catch,
To kill,
Who shall fall in the net?
With no life support left,
We sleep with the fishes.

Artwork by Katherine Marriott