Dream, a poem by Imogen Melbourne

In fricticous pursuit
My assailant chases me
Over the small suburban garden
where the tournament will be

Scaling walls and roofs
Rubber soles catching slate tiling
Snippets of breath falling in and out of either ear
Turns make me seem more beguiling

My pursuer waits for my cue
Over bannister, Across ceiling
Through window and door,
No more time for darjeeling

Bob Marley helped me create
My most fantastic diversion
Opening hidden by bedding
Happy symptom of perversion

Laces knotted and route planned
Waiting for my count
I hike my way up
And prepare to mount

Pulling closer, but, I’m sorry
sexuality does not determine
the grounds for this capture
Rocks back, Uncertain or unsure?
I have no intention to sleep with you after

But this is my life
There’s no escape from this tripe
You will follow me forever
And yet won’t be my wife.

Artwork courtesy of Amber Conway, view Amber’s Instagram here.