The People’s Art Fair highlights the importance of Bristol’s artistic community

The People's Art Fair Bristol: Winter Edition

Tomorrow, organisers at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft will kick off the Winter edition of their art fair, reminding us that the latest government restrictions will not stop the city’s engagement with creativity.

Initially planned for mid-September, The People’s Art Fair was pushed back in order to adapt to the latest social distancing guidelines. With their virtual event now running from December 8th to 20th, these next two weeks are set to display some of the finest local talent on offer.

What can I expect from The People’s Art Fair?

This year’s art fair is the biggest one yet, featuring over 40 Bristol-based artists and over 230 original works of art. After two days of installation, the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft crew (PRSC) has worked tirelessly to curate their first online exhibition.

The People’s Art Fair is “a platform and celebration of local creativity”, featuring both established artists and first-time exhibitors. Visitors can expect works which are “celebrating everyday beauty, exploring issues of race or gender and challenging power dynamics.”

A bit tired of online art?

Of course, this is not the first online exhibition of the year, as museums and galleries worldwide have been forced to overcome the extreme challenges facing them. The People’s Art Fair, however, pre-empted our potential frustration with consuming art through a screen. Six sessions in the coming two weeks have been planned to open up a gift shop, so that locals can see and financially support Bristol’s creatives and the grassroots arts scene.

For those who continue to shield despite lockdown being lifted, you can take the opportunity to purchase artworks online.

Meet the artists…

With such a diverse selection of talent, there truly is something for everyone at this year’s fair. Below are just a few of the creatives to watch out for.

Hola Designs
Courtesy of Hola Designs and the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft


Inspired by contemporary art, Hola Designs explores the natural world in their work. Using a wide range of media like paint and sculpture, their work often focuses on the theme of nature and their surroundings. In this exhibition, they explore the forms of nature via illustration. They have also exhibited at previous Bristol events and galleries, even taking part in a live painting session during Bristol Pride for the Bitch Please! Group.

Cassidy Grace
Courtesy of Cassidy and Grace and the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft

Cassidy Grace

Photographer Cassidy Grace is showcasing work which reflects not only political issues faced by UK residents over the last 5 years, but also highlights some of 2020’s most important issues. Her black & white photography documents the BLM movement of this year.


Rocio E Bucheli
Courtesy of Rocio E Bucheli and The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft

Rocio E Bucheli

A Colombian-British artist, their work is incredibly diverse, ranging from oil paintings to ink drawings on rice paper. At this exhibition, expect to see eye-catching pieces working with ink. Seeking to represent a confrontation of cultures, Bucheli celebrates art and faith, with imaginary landscapes and figures that come from nature.

Courtesy of gHOSTbOY and The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft


It wouldn’t be a Bristol art exhibition without an ode to the street art which is so widely celebrated in the city. Spotted at the debut People’s Art Fair last February selling Tesco Basics Valentines Cards, street artist gHOSTbOY is known for complex multi-layer stencil art, and their subversive wit.

To explore The People’s Art Fair 2020, find their online gallery and more information here.