Incorporating 1970’s fashion into your winter wardrobe

Incorporating 1970’s fashion into your modern winter wardrobe Candid Orange

The 1970’s was a decade of cultural and political change, unforgettable music, and undoubtedly incredible fashion. Its fashion reflected the social and political environment perfectly with the relaxed fits and earthy tones; exemplifying the resistance to ongoing oppression and the peaceful undertones to people’s attitudes.

As we know, fashion trends are constantly being recycled from past decades and the 70’s is no exception. Now, 50 years later, we can look back on the decade with rose-tinted glasses and idolize the music, fashion and culture. Equally, we can draw parallels from the socio-political environment in the 1970’s to what we are seeing now with the prevalence of the Black Lives Matter movement. Therefore, there is no better time than now to incorporate the effortlessly chic style of the 70’s into your current wardrobe, as we live in a time of such political unpredictability and turbulence.

Hints of the iconic 1970’s style are already beginning to emerge as celebrities are increasingly being spotted wearing high-rise bell bottom jeans, double denim, earthy tones, and crochet tops. Equally, high-fashion brands such as Celine’s SS20 collection have a heavy nod to the nostalgic style with a particular focus on denim, embroidered blouses, and headscarves. Consequently, these anecdotes of the 70’s are being filtered down to the high street, meaning embodying the decade couldn’t be easier!

1970’s fashion staples:

Bell bottoms

They are arguably the epitome of 1970’s fashion and such an easy, gender-neutral item to introduce into a modern wardrobe. It’s not hard to see why models such as Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles rock them so often as their nonchalant fit can be both super-flattering and sophisticated at the same time. Get your hands on some Zara or Topshop (even better, buy second hand!) flares and pair with a knitted jumper or cropped t-shirt. You are guaranteed to look stylish and modern whilst embracing the flair (excuse the pun) of the 70’s.

Earthy tones

These were seen everywhere in the 70’s and were particularly adored by hippie groups who used their adventurous fashion choices to embody their social and political views. Incorporating these warm, earthy tones into your current wardrobe can be done subtly, whether it be by rocking a sage or burnt orange nail polish, or by making a statement and wearing some chocolate brown pinstripe trousers and pairing them with a burgundy cross body bag. Either way, this colour palette is easy to style and can look amazing on all ages.


They were a staple accessory in every typical 1970’s outfit, and can still be great addition to a modern outfit. Headscarves in the 70’s were usually patterned and colourful and are now the perfect way to introduce a pop of colour into a less adventurous, monochrome winter outfit. Embrace you inner Jackie O (or Asap Rocky) and pair with some chic sunnies and a warm winter coat for an effortless but elegant look.


Was hugely popular in the 60’s/70’s and was spotted on icons such as Twiggy and Cher, and it’s not hard to see why they loved the funky design. Worn by any gender, crochet can easily be incorporated into a winter appropriate wardrobe by opting for a thick crochet jumper. Try an All Saints or & Other Stories neutral toned crochet jumper with a good pair of denim jeans to add a hint of the 70’s style to your modern outfit. Alternatively, you can always try making your own if you’re looking to pick up a new lockdown hobby!

Embracing the legendary and daring fashion of the 1970’s couldn’t be easier and it’s a perfect way to add some adventure and excitement into your 2020 winter wardrobe. Easily found in vintage shops, second hand, or on the high street (if you’re on a budget), 70’s pieces couldn’t be a more accessible addition to your lookbook this season.