Poetry | Poetry Moves On by Aimee Dyson

Poetry | Poetry Moves On by Aimee Dyson

Why don’t you want me?

Am I really that bad?

That unwanted?

That boring?

Don’t you see

All the good I can do

If you open your eyes

To change

To spoken word

To Instapoetry

To rap music

To a breath of fresh air

No more war poems

No more white old men

Interrupting our experiences

Our ordinary lives

Which remain unheard

Hidden away

Not worthy

Never studied

Yet still we write

With passion in our heart

And adrenaline in our veins

Pouring our lives onto a page

A scrap napkin

Our phones notes section

The back of our hand

A messy notebook

Words of lust and loss

Mourning over change

Infatuated by love

Seeking solace in our words

An outlet

For our emotions

Striving to destroy

Our happy lives

You need me

Though you don’t realise

Don’t appreciate

Fail to acknowledge

Don’t you see

What will happen

In five years

In ten

Without this creativity

An empty world

Sad, dark, scary


I can help you

If you let me

Give me a chance

To change a life

With relatability

Of normal lives

Everyday experiences

Youthful and new

One more chance

To prove my worth

Poetry moves on

And you must too