Four summer cocktails to make and enjoy at home 

Four summer cocktails to make an enjoy at home

Instagram food blogger Ella Broadbent (@mcr_food_blog) specialises in seeking out the best food and drink places in Manchester, while also sharing her own home cooking pursuits. This week, Ella shares some quick and easy recipes for four refreshing cocktails to make the most of staying home this summer. 

Vodka Watermelon Spritz: 

These are so refreshing and look amazingly vibrant– transform your back garden into a tropical poolside with just 3 ingredients! 

Recipe for one cocktail: 

-50ml vodka  

-a handful of cubed watermelon (freeze before to make slushy cocktails) 

-25ml lime juice  

Blend together and pour over ice, then top off with lemonade or soda water. Add watermelon (and mint if you fancy) to garnish!  

Classic French Martini: 

These taste amazing and look really fancy – perfect for impressing your friends on a summer evening!  

Recipe for one cocktail: 

–50ml Kettle One Vodka 

–25ml Chambord 

–75ml fresh pineapple juice  

Shake together with ice until frothy and pour into glass, topping off with the foam from the bottom of the shaker. Garnish with a strawberry or raspberry! 

Four summer cocktails to make and enjoy at home
Classic French Martini by Ella Broadbent


You can’t go wrong with these, especially when it’s sunny- they’re so refreshing and can be made in a pitcher to share with friends! 

Recipe for one cocktail: 

–small handful of mint  

–juice of half a fresh lime (chop lime into segments after juicing to add)  

Muddle these together in a cocktail shaker. 

–50ml White Rum 

–1tsp granulated sugar (or alternatively use 25ml sugar syrup) 

Mix these together with the muddled mint and lime and pour over crushed ice. Top off with soda water and add a few fresh mint leaves to garnish! 

four summer cocktails to make and enjoy at home
Mojitos by Ella Broadbent


These are a classic and can be made in pitchers to add some fun to your cocktail night with friends. Pair with some Mexican food for a creative themed night! 

Recipe for one cocktail: 

–50ml Tequila 

–25ml  Cointreau  

–25ml freshly squeezed lime juice plus extra for the rim of the glass and to garnish (the fresher the better) 

Rub the rim of the glass in lime juice and dip in ground rock salt. Shake together the Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice and pour into the glass over ice. Garnish with a wedge of lime! 

*Extra tip: blend ingredients together in a blender with plenty of crushed ice to make a frozen margarita cocktail slushy!*  

Four summer cocktails to make and enjoy at home
Margaritas by Ella Broadbent

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