Top 11 music videos you MUST watch

Top 11 music videos you MUST watch

A mere 55% of the world actively watch music videos that artists produce on Youtube. Alongside many melodic escapades lies a story, one that can be ignored with ease when listening to only the audio.

Rap lyrics become muffled, key changes are just an upbeat step into another direction and a change in tempo just signifies a change in speed. Stories are easily ignored; lyrics pass you by and the intent of the song becomes lost.

Candid Orange have complied a list of music videos that you should watch to appreciate a song more than you may do firsthand. Look beyond the genre and view the music for what it is as well – visual art.

A new passion that lingers within us, may be waiting to be revealed. There is something that happens beyond the words, beyond the music and it seems deeply engrained in personal experience of the artist.


Gotye – Somebody that I used to know

We can all have a nice little reminisce here and gauge the concept of this pop song having so much more meaning than my young 14-year-old ears could comprehend. Weaved as part of the same painting, this heart-breaking video depicts a loss of love through the metaphor of abstract art. I will not ruin the ending, but the painting tells a very different story by the end of the four-minute ensemble.

a-ha – Take on me

So old and so gold that my eyes are now blinded. Wow. What can I say about this one other than the fact that I have never liked this song. For me this is a song that is deeply entrenched in the past but has now just been completely revived by this music video. Do not be fooled by the cheesy 80s audio, this is a video that really cuts deep.

Loyle Carner – Angel

One of the top UK rap artists at the moment and I am completely bias towards him . Yet, if you simply would like to watch a heart-warming video of two best pals (Tom Misch and Loyle Carner) cycling round on bikes, eating pasta and picking oranges, this is the one for you. It is a calming rendition that will remove you from the stresses of life, all within the space of a few minutes.

Slick Rick – Behind Bars

This is some seriously beautiful artwork here. I mean, I love it. The colours, the images of faces slipping into darkness. Everything is changing and every second reveals an entirely new storyline. New faces, new foes, new concepts, keeping you on your feet for the entire duration. An eclectic mix creating a chaotic world to identify with.

Fourtet – Baby

This is a new concept for the electronic world. As a genre this is growing, fewer music videos exist for artists such as Fourtet. But, Kieran Hebden (Fourtet) has completely pushed the boat out of the

water for recently released single, Baby. Filmed entirely on a drone, this is a rolling film of new landscapes all merging into one continuous strip of visuals. So simple, but, so effective and not one you see every day.

The Wombats – Greek Tragedy

It would be wrong to mention this piece without also giving reference to Eminem’s incredible story of Stan. Seemingly inspired by Eminem, many artists have also sought to create music videos that follow the love a fan has for an artist. Narcissistic? Maybe. But stories like this exist and the classic indie rock band The Wombats have documented a harrowing story. Take yourself back to that 2015 Leeds Festival but also reveal that Greek tragedy is far deeper than anyone realises.

Tyler the Creator – Who dat boy

It should be ESSENTIAL to watch this video when listening to this song. It makes you think extremely differently about Tyler the Creator. An artist who is insanely famous; he often includes messages and politics within his artwork and Who dat boy is no different. A white person’s face is sewed onto his own. The metaphor is there, in the height of the BLM movement, this video is one to watch.

Evanescence – Wake me up

This is mental. A song that we all know and love in one way or another has just been blasted into completely unknown territory. The whole song you are rooting for this woman. Willing her to be okay and truly feeling her pain. A rooting that lasts only for her to be blasted into the abyss by the end of the piece.

McFly – The ballad of Paul K

An inspiring stop motion music video that screams Tim Burton seems possibly too deep for this late 90’s boy band. Whilst McFly may not have resided in your radar for the last ten years this music video should. What really makes this interesting is the story. Following a man who seems to have fallen out of love with life, this stop motion elegantly tells the story of a man who no longer has anything to live for. Boy bands breaking taboos of only singing about love.

Men I Trust – Tailwhip

I don’t know what is happening here, if I am being warped by the beautiful music, but, wow this band. The joys of childhood, the happiness that exudes from your life when you are chilling within your youth. This is a happy video. With audio that could potentially be a bit sad, the music brings it to life, making you realise the small wins of life.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

I may be stating the obvious here with this one. With 71 million views on YouTube, it is obvious that people have seen it. But if you haven’t, you are one of the lucky ones. You can watch it for the first time with fresh eyes, take it all in, because this is beautiful. It is truly mesmerising to watch this video accompanied by such stunning artistry; massive attack are one of the greatest artists of the century and there is absolutely a reason for that. This video shows a developing baby; barely moving and barely functioning. Despite this, growing inside its parents stomach, it is still living. A process that we have all been through yet cannot remember.

Final thoughts

Initially, this list was only going to be ten artists, and whilst I have chosen to depict eleven, in no way am I saying these are the best. They are a few recommendations of how you can begin your visual journey of music videos. Let this be the beginning of climbing from that 55% of the population to slightly higher. I am sure these videos will, in some way, make you feel something.

Graphic courtesy of Isabel Armitage