In conversation with @nipnacks: custom-made lady-bits to decorate your home

In conversation with @nipnacks: custom-made lady-bits to decorate your home

Boobs, baps, melons, coconuts. Whatever variation you like to use, today’s topic of appreciation is breasts. If you follow pottery account @nipnacks on Instagram as I do, you will be met by a wonderland of tits and vulvas in all different shapes and sizes; each one more unique than the last. 

For many womxn, breasts play a fundamental role in our lives. Whether being the root of your confidence, the physicality of your femininity, or just hanging there like the charms they are, we’ve all got them.

There have been countless moments in my life where I have stared inquisitively at my chest, trying to understand whether they look lumpy, bumpy or uneven; imperfections that I focus on in my day-to-day life. However, when speaking to fellow women and artists about the wonders of the female body, these ‘imperfections’ become more and more beautiful.

The artist behind the pottery

Creator of @nipnacks, Lorna, began her pottery journey only a few shorts months ago. Apprehensive about the current state of the world, she decided to do something to ease her mind.

“My friend and I were hanging out right before lockdown and felt so anxious with everything going on. It was right before the shops closed so we went to a craft shop and picked up some clay and paints and decided to have a play!”

So what was it that drove her to create something so beautiful in a time of chaos? Well, Lorna has always had a keen interest in sculptures, stating that “I have always been really interested in sculptures especially ones that represent female bodies. I loved the idea of sculpting the female form onto something that is also functional!”

The functionality of these pots is something that makes her work so special. Although a mere decoration for some, there’s no denying how much we rely on the humble pot, be that to store our keys in, loose change, or stray bobby pins and hair-ties. Seeing your own breasts daily in such an artistic, clay-wrought fashion is something I find quite empowering.

Once supplies were bought, @nipnacks was born and the journey began. Lorna explains how the first boob pot she made, which was a representation of her own breasts “was super lumpy and wonky but it made me so happy and empowered to create art and have something inspired by my own body. My friends all asked for their own and said that it made them feel really empowered too. I hope that everyone who gets a pot feels the same way!”

Accepting your beautiful boobies

In coming to terms with her own feelings regarding her breasts, Lorna has found a way of both empowering herself and the women that she creates these sculptures for. 

“I have always been very self-conscious about my boobs and during my journey of making boob pots I have learnt that lots of people do.”

Lorna has perfectly capture a multitude of different looking breasts, as she explains that her intentions are to “always try and keep my work really varied and diverse so lots of people feel represented.”

Indeed, she has definitely captured the beauty of breasts in all their glory. My particular favourite is her breast cancer survivor pot; a pot created to highlight mastectomy with donations being sent to the charity CoppaFeel!; a breast examination charity that hopes to give everyone the tools to examine their own breast and give everyone a better chance of surviving breast cancer.

The pot captures both the reality of the scaring left from a mastectomy, as well as the beauty within it and the ability to recover with delicacy and grace. Inclusive art such as this is a massive breath of fresh air, allowing for all women to feel validated and included in the community .

Moving forward in the art world

Art has the ability to shape and mould who we view ourselves. As an article from states, “physical ideals are changeable, manifestations of the cultures they come from”. 

Thankfully, in today’s society, there appears to be a willingness to appreciate bodies in all their shapes and sizes. Lorna has spent some time considering how nudity has been depicted previously in the art work, and whether this has been bias towards a particular ‘image’ of womxn.

“I think History of Art has really favoured specific female body types depending on what has been “fashionable” at the time. This has obviously changed over the years and depending on culture, but since I have joined a community of other amazing like-minded artists, I have seen a real push back on this. There are so many different types of bodies being celebrated and included in art today which is really amazing to see and be a part of”


So what is the order process?

Although commissions are currently closed, these pots are available to custom order. Yes, that’s right. You can see your boobies immortalised in clay with beautiful decorations every day. Just send in a photo of your breasts or you can send in a cup size for reference.

When asked about the process for custom orders, Lorna told us that “I understand it must be weird sending a photo of your boobs to a stranger and some people aren’t comfortable with this so I’m always willing to use my imagination!”

As well as taking the size and shape of your breasts into consideration, Lorna can also incorporate additional detailing into your pot to make it perfect.

“I work with each customer with their ideas and suggestions and sometimes do a pencil sketch before the pot is made if they’re really complex, to make sure each customer is 100% happy.”

Details that have often been included are piercings, flowers and even harnesses! A particular favourite of Lorna’s (as well as my own) is her crystal harness, inspired by @creepyyeha, who has since approached her in order to get her own custom pot.

It is clear that @nipnack has evolved over a short period of time into a collection that is dedicated to reflecting the intricacy of the female form; allowing women to feel empowered knowing that their bodies are beautiful and unique.

Want to find out more? Click here to see @nipnacks on Instagram.