Zesty sounds with Candid Orange: Our favourite orange-tinted tracks

Zesty sounds with Candid Orange: Our favourite orange-tinted tracks

To celebrate our theme of the month, the Candid Orange team has banded together to produce a collection of songs with one commonality – their album covers are delightfully ORANGE.

So settle in, get your boom box out and have a listen to some juicy tracks while our music, film and TV editor Sophia Metcalfe reviews some of her musical highlights blessed with vibrant orange art.

1. Snoh Aalegera – Whoa (feat. Pharrell Williams) [Remix]

BEST PLAYED : when you’re getting ‘those feelings again’

Originally recorded for her 2019 album Ugh, those feelings again, Snoh Aalegera brings back the incredible single ‘Whoa’ with the help of Pharrell Williams. The album itself is a beautiful depiction of the intricacies of love. Aalegera’s vocals take centre-stage as they glide seamlessly over the minimalistic synth-led accompaniment . This laid-back soulful R&B track is an ode to intimacy, with the transcendent lyricism describing “the rollercoaster ride of love”.

2. The Bravery – An Honest Mistake

BEST PLAYED: getting ready for a night in

This is one of those songs that, for me, throws me right back to my early teens. Watching ‘Detention’ on my best friend’s bedroom floor was the first time I came across this song. Since then, this track has been continuously played on repeat. Although this song came out in 2005, it seems to be a combination of both ‘80s post-punk electronic music and the ‘90s alter-rock scene. The repetitive booming synth makes it difficult not to dance along to.

3. Caribou – Odessa

BEST PLAYED: at your best friend’s house party

Odessa is the opening track to the album Swim, which was inspired by and created as “dance music that sounds like it’s made out of water”. The song encompasses the intricate and meticulous composition of Caribou’s style. Its metallic polyrhythms are juxtaposed by the vocals, which are in turn juxtaposed by the smooth baseline that underpins the entire piece. Indeed, there are many counteracting layers to this song, but somehow, it works.

4. The Internet – Girl (feat. KAYTRANADA)

BEST PLAYED: sexy dancing in the mirror

This alternative R&B collective have so many incredible songs that are worth listening to and reviewing, however, from the album Ego Death, “Girl” feat. KAYTRANADA definitely sticks out for me. This 6-minute song builds from just a steady beat to a synth-led, harmonically rich sound-world. Syd’s vocal melody is, as always, a beautifully balanced and tender sound that captures the dreamy lyricism perfectly. Although the 6-minute marker may seem daunting, the variety and layers that make up this piece creates a journey that you want to see through to the end.

5. Tyler, The Creator – Garden Shed (feat. Estelle)

BEST PLAYED: at the after-party

This sincere and reflective album seemed like a huge step in a different direction for Tyler; particularly when compared to his Odd Future days. The album itself is filled with “the angst of a missed connection, the pain of unrequited love, and navigating youthful ennui”. Garden Shed is both a turning point within the album, not just because it is situated as the middle track, but because his lyricism turns almost spiritual at this point. Although the harmonic progressions are often unpredictable, the interlinking of vocals and instrumentation creates an ethereal harmony that counteracts the chaotic energy of some of his earlier works.

6. Tame Impala – Lost in Yesterday

BEST PLAYED: getting ready to go out

Five years after his monumental album Currents, Tame Impala (Kevin Parker) created his fourth studio album, The Slow Rush; exploring a new realm of psychedelic wonder. ‘Lost in Yesterday’ is a nostalgic trip back in time, with “funky disco and aerated male vocals”. Parker’s contemplation of time is present throughout the entire album, and this is further reinforced through the continuous use of a “galumphing 80s bassline” and lyrical repetition of “yesterday”. 

7. Jack Jacobs – I Believe It’s Alright

BEST PLAYED: cooking Sunday brunch

Originally recorded in the 1970s, this up-tempo track got a new lease of life when it was remastered and uploaded to Spotify in 2019. Although this song seamlessly takes inspiration from soul music, the record received little appreciation at the time of its release. Thankfully, the remastering of this record has allowed us to divulge into the past and dance to this honest and timeless 70s track.

8. St. Vincent – The Party

BEST PLAYED: Staring out your window thinking about that party you went to 3 years ago

From her second studio album, ‘The Party’ is a beautifully melancholic track. Its simplistic composition of piano, drums and strings allows for her voice to float seamlessly through the song. Th ethereal vocal arrangement adds an extra layer of intimacy to her music, which is often rife with “undercurrents of anxiety and discomfort”. Her lyrical fluidity makes the track, as well as the rest of the album, an intriguing insight into the persona that she has created.

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