Collecting voices: The murder of George Floyd

Collecting voices: the murder of George Floyd

A note from the Candid Orange Team:

The events that have unfolded across the US and the rest of the world since the tragic murder of George Floyd on 25 May have inspired millions globally to stand up against racism. At Candid Orange, we want to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. We intend to do so as sensitively as possible and acknowledge our position of privilege and our learning. We understand that we will never understand.

Having considered it at length, we have decided that to show our support on our platform, we believe it best to collect the words of others to avoid silencing Black voices. The following voices have resonated with us, and we hope they do with you.

Hear the voices:

“George was idolised by young boys living in the projects because he was the first guy that many of us witnessed get an athletic scholarship where we grew up. He was one of my role models. He was one of us. That’s why his death is so hard to take.” – Eddy Barlow 

“Black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free.” – Solomon Georgio

“Allyship does not equal pity. Please don’t reach out to me acting like you’re sad I’m Black. I’m PROUD to be Black. What I’m exhausted with is how Black people are treated.” – Nina Parker

“This isn’t a problem of bad apples or incidents. This is an institutional and systematic crisis.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“Don’t be mad that you don’t have a movement, be happy you don’t need one.” – shared by @babybomboclaat

“Reminder to white people: You will continue to mess up re racism. So continue to be teachable, open to correction from POC, and vigilantly monitor yourself for defensiveness and white fragility. You never “arrive” as an ally, you must continually practice allyship” – @itsjacksonbbz

“It’s not democracy if you can get away with murder.” – Anonymous

“Keep pushing. If I can compare this to running a mile on a track, you have four laps. We’re on lap one and a half. We’re moving to two. We need everyone to stay hydrated and nourished and to keep moving our way around this track.” – Raenelle Taylor

“Let’s say no Racism. No one deserves to be killed or judged for the colour of their skin. Every Black live matter.”  – Lekan Abatan 

“A small reminder that this took emotional labour and POC, especially black people are not here to teach you everything.” – Mireille Cassandra Harper

“As a person of colour, I know that my future can be stolen from me if I’m driving with a broken taillight, or playing my music too loud, or reaching for my phone at the wrong time.” – Adrian Brandon 

“These days the only crime you get killed for is being black.” – Stephen Jackson Sr.

“That’s not a chip on my shoulder…that’s your foot on my neck.” – Malcom X

“There is nothing louder than white silence.” – Solomon Georgio

We are committed to engaging our platform with other communities, so please feel free to get in contact with any suggestions, advice or discussion for us.

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